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Requirements for borrowers

Individuals, residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, aged over 18, who have debts with Jusan Bank on mortgage housing loans/mortgage loans (hereinafter referred to as MHL/ML) issued in the period from 01/01/2004 to 31/12/2009 (hereinafter referred to as MHL/ML1 ); issued in foreign currency before 01/01/2016 (hereinafter referred to as MHL/ML2); previously refinanced under MHL/ ML1 and/or MHL/ML2 under the Vulnerable Social Group category, including those for which judicial acts were issued before 01/07/2021 (hereinafter - MHL/ML2-1); for which the property was accepted on the Bank's balance sheet before 01/01/2020 in connection with the borrower's improper performance of obligations under the mortgage housing/mortgage loan agreement concluded before 01/01/2016 (hereinafter - MHL/ML2-1) and satisfying the refinancing conditions set forth in the Programme for Refinancing Mortgage Housing Loans (Mortgage Loans), approved by the Resolution of the Board of the NB RK No. 69 dated 24/04/2015, taking into account the amendments approved by the Resolution of the Board of the NB RK No. 59 dated 27/03/2018, No. 250 dated 23/12/2019 (hereinafter referred to as the Programme).

Loan currency


Refinancing amount

For MHL/ML1 and MHL/ML2-1 - up to 50,000,000 tenge incl.; For MHL/ML2 - up to 166,165,000 tenge incl.

Refinancing term

360 (three hundred and sixty) months from the date of placement of the deposit of JSC Fond Problemnikh Kreditov with the Bank

Interest rate

From 3% per annum** (EAR* from 3.3% per annum)




Property, subject to the criteria established by the Programme


Annual insurance of property as a pledge subject, with the condition of mandatory prolongation until the Borrower fully fulfills its obligations under the bank loan agreement

Loan payment methods

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Application method

In the Bank branches

** - Rate was approved by the decision of the Board of Directors of the Bank dated 12.05.2020 (Minutes No. 12/05/20-01)