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Results of work of the Foure ecozone

During 3 days of the festival, the following materials were collected and put into bins, installed by Jusan Bank, for recycling:

  • aluminum cans — 27.3 kg;
  • cardboard — 16.2 kg;
  • glass bottles — 11.6 kg;
  • plastic bottles — 8,7 kg;
  • packaging film — 3.4 kg.

Guests who attended the speakers' lectures:

Lecture 1 Damir- 15 people

Lecture 2 Damir - 30 people

Lecture 3 Yevgeny - 20 people

Lecture 4 Damir - 25 people

This is not the last eco-activity of Jusan. Follow the announcements on bank's official pages.

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