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Jusan Bank Employees Fulfilled the Cherished Wishes of 100 Children — Patients of the Oncology Research Institute

The office of Jusan Bank turned into a Santa Claus gift factory for several days. The Bank employees initiated a magical New Year's Miracle promotion to fulfil the wishes of children from low-income and single-parent families from all regions in Kazakhstan, patients of the Kazakh Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology, as well as children under the care of Dosbol charitable foundation.

The promotion has become a good tradition in the bank — all willing employees sort out letters with the cherished desires of children addressed to Santa Claus, and become real ‘wizards.’ 

‘Families raising children with a complex diagnosis usually experience financial challenges, and such support in the form of New Year's fulfilment of children's desires is very important for them. But we ourselves get even greater joy than the kids, for we can be of benefit to those who need it,’ the bank's press service said.

In 2022, Jusan Bank received more than 100 letters from children who told about their childhood dreams and what they urgently need. Some wanted equipment for rehabilitation and recovery. And the others — unaffordable gadgets and toys. Following the children's letters, the bank's staff also received letters of gratitude from parents from different cities.

‘The children received parcels from Almaty! We do not even know how to thank you! Masha and Zhenya are happy! There is no word to express our joy. These are valuable gifts for us, when I wrote the letter, I did not even think that such help was possible. Thank you for your kind hearts!’ writes the Reshetnikov family from Northern Kazakhstan.

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