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Откладывай деньги на обучение в ВУЗе

Income 14% + 5%*  

13,2% Bank’s rate of return  

14,0% AEIR


5% State bonus

*7% for high-priority category

36 Months

deposit period

Up to ₸10M

deposit insurance

Вклад застрахован Казахстанским Фондом Гарантирования Депозитов

Вклад застрахован Казахстанским Фондом Гарантирования Депозитов

Расчет вклада AQYL

8 000 000

AQYL deposit period — 36 months
Open the Deposit
The calculation is preliminary. It shows how much you will save in case of automatic prolongation up to 20 years.

you will save







State bonus



Open the Deposit
The calculation is preliminary. It shows how much you will save in case of automatic prolongation up to 20 years.

*No more than 100 MCI

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Open the AQYL Deposit

Get closer to education

Open a deposit


AQYL deposit is possible to open:
- In the Jusan mobile application
- At the Jusan Bank branch*.
* additionally, it is necessary to provide an identity document or a child's birth certificate (if the deposit is opened in the name of a child under 18 years old).


The "AQYL" deposit can be opened only in the national currency - tenge.

The interest rate is up to 13,2% (annual effective remuneration rate is up to 14,0% ).


The deposit "AQYL" can be opened for 36 months with further prolongation.


The minimum amount for opening "AQYL" deposit is 3 MCI at the time of opening the deposit.


"AQYL" deposit is an object of guaranteeing deposits of individuals in the amount of up to 10 000 000 tenge.


Replenishment of "AQYL" deposit is possible in the amount of no more than 25% of the Bank's equity capital.


"AQYL" deposit can be opened only by citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


It is possible to open only one "AQYL" deposit per client.


The state premium is calculated in the amount of 5% and 7% per annum annually, on the actually accumulated balance as of January 01, with a minimum accumulation period of 1 year but no more than 100 MCI. The state premium is capitalized to the main amount of the deposit. The maximum period for calculating the state premium is 20 years.

In the amount of 7% per annum is accrued on deposits opened for depositors assigned to the priority category:

1) orphans and children left without parental care, including those who have reached the age of majority, but not more than before reaching the age of 23;

2) disabled people;

3) children from large families with four or more children;

4) children from low-income families.


From the deposit "AQYL", payment for educational services is made at the request of the depositor with the submission of supporting documents (copies of educational services agreement with the university, invoice for payment and other documents). 


After payment from the deposit "AQYL" for the entire period of study, the depositor or his legal representative has the right to withdraw this amount with the premium of the state.


Funds on "AQYL" deposit can be disposed by:                                                                                         

1)The depositor or his legal representative has the right to transfer the money of the educational deposit in full from one to another Participating Bank no more than once a year.

2) If the depositor receives an educational grant, he has the right to:

- continue accumulating funds on the educational deposit;

- transfer funds to an educational deposit opened (opened) for  third person who is a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- receive the funds of the educational deposit with the capitalized remuneration of the Participating Bank and the accrued premium of the state;

- to direct the funds of the educational accumulative deposit to pay for educational services in order to obtain other levels of education.


The deposit "AQYL" is automatically prolonged for the same period and on the same terms, with the accrual of remuneration at the interest rate effective on the day of prolongation.


Partial withdrawal from "AQYL" deposit is not provided, except in cases of targeted withdrawal of funds by non-cash transfer to the account of the educational institution. The operation is carried out only in the Bank's branches.


It is not allowed to establish a temporary restriction on the disposal of property, restrictions on transactions and other transactions with property, seizure or foreclosure of money held on "AQYL" deposit.


Premiums from the state on "AQYL" deposit are terminated:

1) after 20 years;

2) upon the expiration of the deposit agreement;

3) from the date of the death of the depositor; on the recognition by the court of the depositor as incompetent; unknown absent, or declared dead.


The deposit "AQYL" can be closed  prematurely only in the branches of Jusan Bank.

Without saving the state's premium:

  • at the initiative of the depositor/legal representative;
  • after the expiration of three calendar years from the date of the depositor's deduction from the educational organization;
  • detection of the fact of payment of the state premium when the savings period is less than the period established by Law;
  • loss of citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan by the depositor;
  • detection of the fact of an excessively accrued state premium.

With the preservation of the state premium:

  • in the case of a balance of funds on the deposit after paying for educational services for the entire period of study;
  • in case of awarding an educational grant;
  • in the event of death, recognition by the court as missing, incapacitated or declared dead or unable to continue studies due to the health condition of the depositor.