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Откладывай деньги на обучение в ВУЗе

Product details


*Deposit is insured by the Kazakhstan Deposit Guarantee Fund

The maximum (limit) amount of the guarantee is: up to 10 million tenge in national currency.

Minimum amount to open a deposit account


Deposit retention period

36 months


The size and number of additional contributions is not limited


Monthly capitalization

Calculation of the state premium

Annually, on the actually accumulated balance as of January 1, with a minimum accumulation period of 1 year. The state premium is capitalized to the principal amount of the deposit. The maximum term for accruing the state premium is 20 years

State premium

5% per annum, but not more than 100 MCI; for the priority category of depositors** - 7% per annum, but not more than 100 MCI

Partial withdrawal

Not provided for, except in cases of targeted withdrawal of funds by non-cash transfer to the account of the educational institution


It is extended for the same period and under the same terms, with the accrual of return at the return rate in force on the date of the extension

Documents for making a deposit

Identification document with IIN; When opening a deposit in the name of an adult/minor depositor by third parties, a power of attorney from the depositor/legal representative(s) of the depositor is required

Interest Rates for Individuals:

Period, months: Nominal (KZT) Effective (KZT) Additional
36 13,2% up to 14,0% + State bonus of up to 7%
  • Rates are valid from 05.03.2024 
  • The rates are approved by the Asset and Liability Management Committee (Minutes №26-24 dated 01.03.2024) for individuals.
Period, months: 36
Nominal (KZT) 13,2%
Effective (KZT) до 14,0%
Additional + State bonus of up to 7%
  • The rates shall be valid from December 14, 2023.
  • The rates are approved by the Asset and Liability Management Committee (Minutes No.123-23 dated December 12, 2023г) for individuals.