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Loan refinancing

Favorable conditions for comfortable repayment

up to ₸ 8 million

loan amount

up to 5 years

loan term

from 23% to 44%   

annual effective interest rate

*AERR - from 25.9% to 56%

per annum   


*ГЭСВ – от 25,7% - до 26% годовых

enter the loan amount

8 000 000

from 30 000₸ up to 8 000 000₸

enter loan term



from 3 to 60 months

popular terms

advance monthly payment




from 24%


from 25.7%


24 month



EAR* - Effective annual rate.


Get additional loan amount up to 8 million

You can specify an additional amount to all loans from other banks up to 8 million tenge

Refinance loans from other banks at a favorable rate from 23%

Refinancing rate on all loans

Instant receipt of money

Funds will be transferred to the current account of another bank within a few minutes

One payment instead of several

You no longer need to memorize the dates and amounts of payments for all loans at different banks. Pay once a month - at a favorable rate from 23%

Reduce your monthly payment

Refinance a loan from another bank for a new term, up to 60 months. At a favorable rate from 23%

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Loans issued in other STBs of the Republic of Kazakhstan can be refinanced.


 To apply for Refinancing, you need to:

• choose Refinancing button on the main page in the Jusan mobile application;

• fill out a questionnaire for obtaining a refinancing;

• wait for a Push notification about the Bank's decision.


You can apply for Refinancing in the Jusan mobile application from 08:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m.

To apply for Refinancing in the Jusan mobile application, you need:

* an identity document;

Upon receiving a positive decision from the Bank, the payment card will be opened in the mobile application, to which loan funds will be credited, if it is not available.


If you are a civil servant and you do not have pension contributions, if you have a mortgage loan and housing payments, you need to apply in the Jusan mobile application and attach a "certificate of income" and a "certificate of housing payments".


To apply for Refinancing in the Jusan mobile application, your average monthly income must be at least the minimum wage established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The maximum Refinancing amount in the Jusan mobile application is up to 8,000,000 tenge.


To pay the monthly payment, you need to replenish the repayment account specified in the Bank Loan Agreement before the monthly payment* date, in any way convenient for you.
The most convenient ways are:
• Branch of the Bank;
• Kassa 24, Yurta, Qiwi terminals;
• Replenishment of the card in Jusan ATMs with the Cash-in function;
• Transfer to an account from other STBs, between own accounts, within the Bank.
You can find out your repayment account in the "Loans" section of the Jusan mobile application, information about the loan in the "Repayment account" tab.

* According to the Public Agreement for servicing the individuals, funds for repayment of the monthly payment must be provided before 20.00 pm Astana time.


To change the payment date for Refinancing, you must contact the Bank's branch. Commission for changing the payment date according to the bank loan agreement.


Early/partial repayment of Refinancing can be made in the Jusan mobile application or by contacting any branch of the Bank.


Monthly repayment of the Refinancing payment by the 3rd person is possible. Early/partial repayment of Refinancing from a third party can be made only if there is a notarized power of attorney.


The decision on Refinancing is issued by the Bank's automated system, the Bank's employees do not participate in this process and cannot influence the decision. In each specific case, the decision is made individually and depends on your loan history and solvency.


Applications for Refinancing are considered if the clients are individuals-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan who have reached the age of 18 and are not older than 70 years at the date of repayment of the loan.


There are no penalties, commission for early or partial repayment of the Refinancing.


There are no commissions for the organization of the loan.


The funds will be credited to the account (s) of another STB from 1 to 3 working days.


There are no restrictions on the number of applications for Refinancing in the Jusan mobile application.

* In each specific case, the decision on the loan is made individually and depends on the quality of the credit history and the solvency of the client. It is possible to submit the second application for Refinancing in the Jusan mobile application 15 minutes after the previous application is processed.


You can apply for loan restructuring if, after receiving a loan:
• You have received a group 1,2,3 disability; 
• Your spouse and/or close relatives* have received a group 1,2 disability;
• The death of your spouse and/or close relatives*;
• You have been called up for military service;
• You have taken maternity leave or parental leave;
• You or your dependent has a disease**;
• You have been harmed by material damage (because of fire, flooding, natural disasters, military actions, state of emergency, etc.);
• You are participant of the "Enbek" program in the direction of interregional resettlement.

In the above cases, the Bank considers the possibility of granting restructuring on the basis of the relevant supporting documents provided by you.

* Close relatives are parents (parent), children, adoptive parents, adopted children, full and half-brothers and sisters, grandparents, grandchildren.
** Disease, which is included in the list of diseases, approved by the Order of the Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 28, 2015 No.1033 "On approval of the list of diseases for which a period of temporary disability of more than two months is established".


You can apply for loan restructuring at any branch of the Jusan Bank.