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The Dastarkhan Index: February 2023 results

Index for Almaty city resident is 159 servings

During the month, the cost of the grocery basket increased by 0.6%, which affected the Dastarkhan Index, which decreased by 1 serving compared to January 2023. We note that there was a significant jump in the Index in January (+19 servings) due to an increase in the average salary of an Almaty city resident by 16.4%.

But despite this, the Index has decreased by 5 servings since the beginning of the observation period (May 2022). This was caused by the increase in prices in Almaty city for oils, which rose by 35.5%, meat (+25%), vegetables (+22%) and eggs (+19.2%).

The Index calculated according to official statistics is 211 servings.

Index for Astana city citizen is 238 servings

The Dastarkhan Index for a resident of the capital increased by 2 servings compared to January 2023 due to a decrease in meat prices (-2.2%). Worth noting is that the Index increased by a record 40 servings in January also due to the growth of the average salary in Astana city (+20.5%).

Despite a significant increase in prices over 10 months for oils (+105.3%), flour and cereals (+21.1%), sugar (+20.1%), meat (+14.6%), the Index has increased by 20 servings since the beginning of observations (May 2022).

Following the official statistics, the Dastarkhan Index is 226 servings.

Personal inflation

The personal inflation of Almaty city resident was 0.5% in February 2023 (5.0% in January), and for Astana resident was 0.7% (13.1%). And according to the official statistics, the personal inflation rate is 1.0% (1.9%) for a resident of Almaty city and 1.3% (4.3%) for a resident of the capital.

The cost of products in Almaty city, excluding weights for cooking a set of dishes, tenge

Products  Jusan big-data    Official statistics    Difference  
meat13 5239 053+49%
vegetables2 8132 848-1%
Sunflower oil and butter7 1524 686+53%
flour and cereals887938-5%
other (yeast and tea)18 73511 943+57%

The cost of products in Astana city, excluding weights for cooking a set of dishes, tenge

Products  Jusan big-data    Official statistics    Difference  
meat11 6469 543+22%
vegetables2 2913 794-40%
Sunflower oil and butter6 0815 371+13%
flour and cereals9921083-8%
other (yeast and tea)16 38011 913+38%

Comparing the cost of a grocery basket according to Jusan big-data and official statistics, the following can be noted: products are 32.2% more expensive in Almaty city following our data, and on the contrary, are 5.6% cheaper in Astana city. The difference in prices is explained by the fact that our calculations included prices from new stores in Almaty city, in which prices are above average. And new stores in Astana city are not that much.

Interactive charts with detailed dynamics of the Dastarkhan Index, grocery basket cost and the prices of products at: https://jusananalytics.kz/en/dastarhan/.

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