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Wage inequality: 2022 results

Achieving gender equality is considered one of the main factors of sustainable human development. And we decided to look what is the difference in wages between men and women in Kazakhstan.

The wage gap decreased and amounted to 18.5% in 2022 according to official statistics (21.7% a year earlier). The average monthly salary for men with full employment is 299,605 tenge (+6.5% compared to last year), and for women – 244,276 tenge (+11.0%).

We can see on the infographic that only in 3 regions of Kazakhstan women’s wages are higher than men’s: in Zhambyl (by 6.31%), North Kazakhstan (by 5.91%) and Turkestan (by 0.45%) regions. At the same time, the most difference in wages in favour of men is observed in Atyrau (by 41.08%), Mangystau (by 37.07%) and Karaganda (by 29.9%) regions.

If we consider the difference in wages of men and women by economic activity, then the greatest difference is observed in financial and insurance activities, where men earn 33.46% more. Then comes the manufacturing industry (by 17.51%) and the transportation and warehousing sector (by 16.59%).

The only sector of the economy where women’s wages are higher than men’s is education – women’s wages are 5.68% higher.

Economic sectors



Wage gap, %

Financial and insurance activities388 891584 43533.46%
Manufacturing industry277 088335 92317.51%
Transportation and warehousing264 274316 83216.59%
Wholesale and retail trade222 011259 25314.37%
Mining and quarrying452 208527 08314.21%
Information and communication331 367381 37113.11%
Provision of other types of services370 849417 98811.28%
Public administration and defense; compulsory social security191 716213 49210.20%
Public health and service226 585251 1849.79%
Administrative and support services activities249 281272 8218.63%
Real estate transactions225 083243 3667.51%
Professional, scientific and technical activities378 274407 7397.23%
Art, amusement and recreation151 725162 9646.90%
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries159 748169 5645.79%
Construction366 699370 2290.95%
Education234 506221 898-5.68%

Klara Seidakhmetova

Senior Analyst

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