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Festive Dastarkhan on Nauryz

The festive table dedicated to Nauryz is not complete without dishes of national cuisine. The menu of our Dastarkhan Index just consists of 5 favourite dishes of Kazakhstan citizens and tea with milk: sorpa, besbarmak, vegetabe salad, bauyrsak and zhent for dessert.

So, on the eve of the Nauryz celebration, Dastarkhan for one person in Almaty city will cost 2,457 tenge, and in Astana city – 1,958 tenge. If you want to calculate the cost for several people in the family or their guests, it is enough to multiply the base cost of the Dastarkhan by the number of people. Thus, the Almaty city family of 4 people will spend 9,828 tenge on the festive table, and the Astana family – 7,832 tenge.

Recall that the Index allows you to assess the purchasing power and level of personal inflation. It is calculated as the ratio of the average salary to the cost of products for cooking Dastarkhan dishes.

The Index calculated according to recent data shows that an Almaty city resident can set a table for 160 people on his salary, excluding other expenses. That is how many servings the Index makes up for a resident of Almaty city. At the same time, when we first calculated it in May last year, it was equal to 156 servings.

The Index is 239 servings for a resident of the capital. It has grown by 21 servings due to an increase in the average salary of an Astana city resident in 10 months.

In the infographic we’ve calculated the Dastarkhan cost for 11 people, as Nauryz is primarily a family holiday full of symbolism and tradition. According to a tradition, everyone on Nauryz should invite 7 guests to their house, and visit 7 houses themselves. Therefore, we set the table for 7 guests and 4 family members (the average size of a household in Kazakhstan).

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