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Summing up interim results of the Green Office project

One of the most important directions of JusanBank development – Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG). The Bank carries out fundamental work on development of sustainable banking and  introduction of ESG standards at all levels. We do not remain indifferent, including to environmental problems, which is why the initiative called the Green Office was born. 

On May 25, the Bank launched a pilot project for sorting office waste. A lot of preparatory and research work was carried out. In August, the project was launched in the Parent Bank, as well as in BSCs of Almaty and Astana. Very soon the project team decided to expand coverage areas of the Green Office by installing sorting boxes in several more cities: Karagandy, Aktobe and Atyrau. 

Today, summing up the interim results, we can say that we are heading in the right direction. Even in such short time, we have made an important contribution to preservation of the environment. During this period, we processed 845 kg of waste paper, 194 kg of plastic, 128 kg of glass. 

Note that the reuse of plastic reduces energy consumption by 88% compared to primary processing. Moreover, it helps to reduce the area of landfills, saves 1,104 kW of electricity and 604 liters of oil. 

By sorting paper waste, you saved 8 trees from cutting, saved 16,896 liters of water, 845 kW of electricity and reduced CO2 emissions by 1,436 kg. 

ESG – an integral part of corporate social responsibility of the entire Jusan team, and we hope that our initiative will be soon widely adopted! 

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