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900 Metres of Opportunities and Art

Dear Friends,
We are pleased to unveil our art project.

JUSAN created an open-air gallery together with the Repas team.

10 original illustrations on an inspirational topic of ‘Opportunities for You’ decorate the city of Almaty at the intersection of Nazarbayev and Gandhi streets.

We combined the works of talented artists from different regions in Kazakhstan into a single art object to contribute to the city culture and urban landscape development, and, of course, to support our talented fellow citizens under the JUSAN ‘Believing in Everyone. Believing in You’ strategy.

Our collaboration with the Repas art studio is meant to remind everyone of something so familiar and important — dreams and goals, faith and support, commitment to win and a glittering future.

The JUSAN team expresses its gratitude to Dmitry DMN and artists:

  1. @alertstanislav
  2. @ataeva_arina
  3. @dotidrop
  4. @pekar_tortikov
  5. @ramboyart
  6. @daneeins
  7. @jaliltattoos
  8. @zigermeister
  9. @aiivell.sattar
  10. @shadyline

We encourage all talented and committed people to create and compose breathtaking projects together for the benefit of our people and country!

Learn more about the project on the  @jusankz Instagram page. You can get with the artists and the backstage there.

Jusan. Opportunities for You!

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