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Jusan Bank Was Recognised as a Cybersecurity Leader

According to KPMG's Commercial Bank Website and Mobile Application Security Assessment, Jusan Bank was recognised as the leader in terms of security level in 2021. The top 5 banks in Kazakhstan include: Jusan Bank (83.86%), Altyn Bank (82.29%), Bank RBK (79%), Zaman Bank (78.75%), and Bank CenterCredit (78.71%). The mean Kazakhstan score is 62.64%.

The document notes that four out of 12 banks have implemented SSL-pinning in mobile applications, and only one bank has implemented additional application security measures. Meanwhile, according to the 2021 Kazakhstan Bank Web Resources Security Review by the Cyber Attacks Analysis and Investigation Centre, the last year all banks in the country improved the official website security level by 19.6%. The top 10 in terms of security also included: Alfa Bank (85%), Bank RBK (83%), Citibank (81%), Halyk Bank (81%), Freedom Finance Bank (80%), Jusan Bank (79%), Kaspi Bank (78%), Otbasy Bank (77%), BCC (75%), KZI Bank (75%). The mean web resources security was 70%.

As to the Software Composition category, the best results in terms of exposure of website home page to attacks from the list of the 10 most dangerous vulnerabilities were shown by five banks, among which: Bank RBK, Jusan Bank, Alfa Bank, Citibank, Sberbank (now Bereke Bank).

The CAAIC noted that the level of information security at Kazakhstani banks is growing. However, some of them have serious vulnerabilities that need to be fixed. Among the most common issues is the lack of contacts of information security office in case of website disruptions. Also, there is often no encryption of traffic or forced secure connection use. However, the analysis did not reveal resources that would pose a danger to users when visiting them.

Source: Lsm.kz 

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