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Jusan Business Held the First Demo Day

Jusan Business Held the First Demo Day

The first Demo Day from Jusan Business was bright and meaningful in Jusan. In the pitching format, 17 teams creating a digital platform for entrepreneurs presented their online products created over 6 months of 2022.

Nurdaulet Aidossov, CEO at Jusan Bank:

‘Behind every product there is a specialist and a whole team working hard to refine the products. As they are dedicated to meet the client needs, the teams are constantly in touch with them and factor in all the comments and suggestions. The pace of the bank's work is set by our clients — if they need us to install POS-terminals within 2 hours, we do it. If they need to open an account, transfer money and already start working, this will be done as quickly and online as possible during the day,’ said the head of Jusan Bank.

The teams creatively presented their super developments, and guests could learn more about them and even test them in the Jusan app. 

Following the in-house competition, the teams were awarded cash prizes in the following categories:

Digital Leader — Online Loan Team

Process Optimisation — Jusan Tole Team

Creativity — CVM Team

Audience Choice — JCRM Loans Team

Nomination of the Bank CEO — Collect Your Package Team

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