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Jusan Cyber Day Revealed New CS:GO Talents

Almaty hosted the Jusan Cyber Day that brought together fans of video games, cosplay and esports experts. A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament was held in 1x1 format as part of the event. 45 gamers participated in the tournament. As a result, the top five were:
● 1st place — Daniyar Yedilbayev under the nickname (Ponlon)
● 2nd place — Asker Khan (As1ck)
● 3rd place — Timur Kulmagambetov (Plug)
● 4th place — Ali Isa (yowimitsu)
● 5th place — Daur Degemerzanov (Diga)
A 5x5 show match was also held and participated by invited guests, where a special prize was drawn.
Asem Zamzam, a Jusan brand manager:

‘Jusan is a like-minded brand that supports sports and the creative industry in Kazakhstan. Our compatriots have already reached the heights in the global esports arena, and understanding the importance of this area, we support the project together with the Digitalisation Department in Almaty. By the way, you can get 10% bonuses in gaming services when paying with a card in the JUSAN mobile app.’

The Jusan Cyber Day was introduced as a pilot project to develop a talent academy and create a database of talented players. This is just the beginning of a larger initiative for the development of esports, and the Almaty Cyber Games tournaments will be aimed at creating a single ecosystem for the development of esports in Kazakhstan.

Source: Vesti.kz

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