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Jusan and Young Artists Gave a New Year's Surprise to Almaty Residents

Unique ‘postcards’ appeared on the walls of houses in Almaty on the New Year's Eve. They were created by students of the A. Kasteyev School of Art and Design, the first UNESCO club in Kazakhstan, with the support from Jusan. 56 works participated in the competition, of which the jury selected 5 drawings. And these wonderful postcards decorated the city, creating a special festive mood on the streets of Almaty.

‘Pupils were very active in the competition, and teachers supported them with guidance. It should be noted that all drawings were created using a computer programme. The competition was attended by 13–15-year-old high school students. Such competitions have a very beneficial effect on the creativity of the children and help to hone their talent,’ says Ykylas Shaikhiyev, a school vice principal.

In turn, Dana Dyusekova, the Marketing Department Director at Jusan, noting the importance of such projects for children, added that despite the competition, all participants were awarded:

‘Jusan actively supports the development of creative industries, and we have already completed many projects with creative people. We decided to create something fabulous and give a New Year's mood to the residents and guests of Almaty on the most magical holiday together with talented children from the art school named after A. Kasteyev. It was difficult to choose the winners, for all the works of young creators are incredibly cool and creative, so we awarded all the participants. The most important thing for us is the burning eyes of children and their self-confidence.’ 

Source: Nur.kz

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