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On March 15, 2022, the Board of Directors of First Heartland Jusan Bank JSC appointed a new Chairman of the Managing Board (Chief Executive Officer), Nurdaulet Galymovich Aidosov. He succeeds Kaiyp Aibek Torebekuly, who has been in charge of the bank since 2019, as CEO.


Commenting on the new appointment, Mr. Shigeo Katsu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, noted that “Jusan Bank was approached by the authorities to take over not only one, but two failing banks, the former Tsesnabank and the ATF Bank. Our teams worked really hard to turn around a very difficult situation. They worked in a disciplined and uncompromising manner while rejecting any corruption. The team, led by Aibek, achieved tremendous success in a very short time creating a template for turning failing financial institutions into a dynamic, fast-growing universal bank that embraces modern technologies, with app-based online services and a unique ecosystem. The foundations for our next phase of development have been laid. Recently Aibek approached the Board of Directors with his desire to move on from the arduous day-to-day management activities to a less exacting position in order to invest in his own personal and professional growth. We of course honor his wishes. We thank Aibek for his tremendous contribution to the development of the Jusan Group and wish him well in hisendeavors. We wish Nurdaulet success in his new assignment where he will serve as the face of Jusan Bank. We expect him to lead the continuous successful implementation of the bank's strategy”.


Mr. Shigeo Katsu further noted that “Nurdaulet Aidosov has extensive professional experience in senior management positions in both international and domestic financial companies. He is known for his personal qualities such as hard work, honesty and adherence to the principles of meritocracy and openness.” “Previously, Nurdaulet headed Jusan Private Banking and the investment division of the Jusan Invest group, where he successfully introduced innovative financial products and online solutions, catapulting our Group to a leading position in the investment services market in record time,” concluded Shigeo Katsu.


In turn, the new Chairman of the Managing Board Nurdaulet Aidosov expressed his gratitude to the Board of Directors of Jusan Bank for their trust. “For me personally, it is a great honor and high responsibility to lead one of the largest financial institutions in the country, where the ultimate and only financial beneficiaries are the best educational institutions in the country represented by Nazarbayev University and NIS. I am confident that, thanks to our professional team, we will manage the challenges of growing volatility in international markets, strengthen the confidence of our growing client base, and further accelerate our corporate development,” said N. Aidosov.


Today Jusan Bank is one of the largest  and dynamic banks in Kazakhstan. The Bank Jusan has become a universal bank and provides a full range of banking services: serving corporate clients, retail clients, small and medium-sized businesses, and Private Banking clients. At the end of 2021, Jusan Bank entered the top 5 in terms of assets in Kazakhstan’s banking sector. As a result of integrating ATF Bank, the bank's assets increased by 59% and amounted to KZT 2.6 trillion. As of January 01, 2022, loans reached KZT 1.06 trillion (market share - 5.3% with an annual growth of +38%), and the deposits exceeded KZT 1.48 trillion (market share - 5.7%, with +59.7% annual growth}. Among the two dozen second-tier banks, Jusan now ranks sixth in terms of loan and deposits.


As of the beginning of the year, the prudential standards of Jusan Bank significantly exceed the minimum requirements set by the regulator: Jusan Bank’s capital adequacy ratio (k1) is 28%, more than three times the minimum standard, and the current liquidity ratio (k4) exceed the established standard more than 7 times (211%). The financial stability of Jusan Bank has been confirmed by the international rating agency Moody's Investors Service, which assigned the bank in the summer of 2021 a long-term rating for deposits in national and foreign currencies of B1 with a stable outlook.


The key directions in the development of the Bank are Jusan Retail (retail segment), Jusan Business (SME segment) and Jusan Private Banking. The number of active retail clients served by the bank exceeds 1 million, the number of clients from the SME segment has already reached 145,000, and Private Banking serves about 6.5 thousand clients. The bank's activities cover the whole of Kazakhstan thanks to a robust regional network consisting of more than 120 branches and over one-thousand ATMs.


Aidosov Nurdaulet Galymovich, born in 1987 has three higher education degrees in finance and law, including an MBA from Warwick Business School (UK). He started his professional career at HSBC Bank Kazakhstan and has over 14 years of experience in Kazakhstani and international financial institutions. From 2019 to the present, he held the position of Chairman of the Board of Jusan Invest JSC, combining it with the position of Managing Director of the Private Banking block at Jusan Bank. Under his leadership, Jusan Group has become a leader in Kazakhstan in providing investment services to retail clients. For a significant contribution to the development of the financial sector, he was awarded the Public Order "Honored Financier" from the Association of Financiers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. His professional competencies cover the areas of banking, investment, and custodial management.


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