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Official position of Jusan Bank on media publications in defence of its business reputation

In order to protect the business reputation of Jusan Bank, we believe it is necessary to state that on 29 November 2021 the Bank filed a defamation lawsuit in Yesil District Court of Astana on behalf of citizen Valery Surganov who owns internet resource kazvedomosti.kz through IE "Mainstream". The claim is based on repeated publication of inaccurate and defamatory information about Jusan Bank from 2019 to 2021 in connection with its relationship with a troubled debtor of the bank represented by Altyn Sore Astana LLP. 

After the trial began, the kazvedomosti.kz website unfortunately continued to post negative and defamatory articles about the Bank, falsifying facts and distorting information about Jusan Bank. In particular, that Jusan Bank allegedly escaped damage from looters during the January events in Almaty, etc. All these articles of the kazvedomosti.kz Internet resource are also attached to the materials of the current court proceedings.

We also consider it necessary to note that Mr. V. Surganov has already been repeatedly sentenced to death. Mr. Surganov has already been repeatedly tried in 2011 and 2017, and found guilty of defamation of other individuals of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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