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Olegzhan Beketayev Recognised as the Best Marketing Director in Kazakhstan

Olegzhan Beketayev, Jusan Managing Director for Marketing, ESG and PR, was recognised as the best marketing leader in Kazakhstan according to an independent jury assessment. The most prominent representatives of the industry were awarded in Almaty, at the Kazakhstan Marketing Conference.

Jusan marketing team managed to achieve impressive results in a year. For example, the bank rating in Top of Mind jumped from ninth to third place as per a sociological survey among Kazakhstanis. And the rating of the Jusan mobile application in the App Store, according to the users, improved from 3.3 to 4.7 over the year. And this is only a part of the outcomes assessed by the jury.

Olegzhan Beketaev:

‘First, this is my promise to the bank management. When I come to work at a company, I set a goal to make a brand successful for the right money and in the right time so that the company can reach new horizons. Second, I promised the team that we shall become the best marketers in Kazakhstan. When assessing the year outcomes, I knew that we had managed to achieve this, and I wanted it to be recognised by colleagues on the market. I believe that the award motivates our people and gives them a reason to exceed their expectations. In general, a big goal for Jusan and for me is to win the Cannes Lion, this will be a litmus paper for the market and shall enable the Kazakhstan marketing to reach a new level.’

Source: Forbes.kz 

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