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Jusan Bank is One of the Most Reliable, Dynamically Developing and Financially Sound Banks in Kazakhstan

Almaty, February 16, 2023.

Jusan Bank is one of the most reliable, dynamically developing and financially sound banks in Kazakhstan.

The Bank and its main shareholders are residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The financial institution complies with all the requirements of the regulator and national laws. That is why the Prosecutor General's Office, in its message on the lawsuit against the Jusan Group, highlighted that Jusan Bank operation are not the subject of this trial.

Jusan Bank is one of the largest banks in the country and ranks 1st in capital-to-assets ratio and 3rd in terms of equity among the largest banks in Kazakhstan.

The current performance of the bank significantly exceeds the prudential ratios, evidencing a high level of financial reliability and a low level of credit risk.

The Bank equity is KZT 542B, while the capital stock is KZT 395B.

The Bank has a high level of provisioning for non-performing loans, covering the same by 225%.

The bank's liquid assets in the amount of KZT 1.5T fully cover the attracted client funds.

The Bank is actively lending the country's economy. Thus, in 2022, loans to clients increased by 12%. The total client base over the past year has increased by 55% and today it is more than 3 million individuals and legal entities across Kazakhstan.

In general, the Bank remains committed to the principles of openness and transparency in doing business, and shall proceed improving the life quality of Kazakhstanis.

Jusan Bank shall continue operating as usual, all obligations to clients shall be performed.

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