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Country weekends in July 2024

Dear clients, we would like to inform you about July 2024 weekends in the following countries: 

  • July 01, 2024 in Canada (CAD), in Hong Kong (HKD); 
  • July 04, 2024 in the USA (USD);
  • July 05, 2024 in Czech Republic (CZK);
  • July 08, 2024 in the Republic of Kazakhstan (all currencies);
  • July 15, 2024 in Japan (JPY), in Turkey (TRY);  
  • July 22, 29, 2024 in Thailand (THB);  
  • August 01, 2024 in Switzerland (CHF)

Please plan in advance for currency payments scheduled for a given period of time.

«Jusan Bank» JSC

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