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Prohibition of client transfers in certain currencies

Dear clients,

You are hereby notified by the correspondent bank "Commerzbank AG" that the following currencies are prohibited for client transfers (MT103) in favour of beneficiaries in the Russian Federation:

1. Pound sterling (GBP)
2. Swiss franc (CHF)
3. UAE dirham (AED) 
4. Australian dollar (AUD)
5. Canadian dollar (CAD)
6. Czech krone (CZK)
7. Danish krone (DKK)
8. Hong Kong dollar (HKD)
9. Saudi Arabia Real (SAR)
10. Swedish krone (SEK)
11. Singapore dollar (SGD)
12. Thai baht (THB)
13. Turkish lira (TRY)

          For other currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, CNY, KGS) transfers in favour of Russian beneficiaries will be routed through other correspondent banks.
Please accept this information and use it in your work.

Best regards,
Jusan Bank JSC

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