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Jusan is first and foremost about its people, and the people here are amazing and extraordinary. Like, for example, the hero of the 12th publication of the column ‘Jusan people. I Am Creative — I Am Sporty’ — Alibek Abdukhalik who is engaged in directing and scriptwriting in his spare time.

Read his story about himself and his hobbies, like and leave comments — support your colleague!

I am sure that there are many of our employees who not only live the office routine, but also have interesting hobbies outside of work. I am ready to share my story as part of a new employees column in our Block.

My name is Alibek, I work at a great team of Private Banking Block, I am engaged in partnership programme and various marketing initiatives. During the time I have been a part of Jusan, I have been and still am involved in a unique product for the Kazakhstani market — Jusan Exclusive Loyalty Programme. We have managed to significantly increase the value of our premium cards thanks to a system of preferences from our extensive partner network. Our clients now receive bonuses from brands such as Parmigiano Group, KazakhYuvelir, Atmosphera, DostykMed and others.

I also had a hand in creating cascading folders of the Private Banking Block, which will soon decorate our VIP and Private Centres — I am sure these will pleasantly surprise our clients. We are about to do a lot more painstaking and interesting work — real challenges, and I really cannot wait to realise what I have set out to do.

And aside from working at the bank, I am passionate about directing and scriptwriting.

It is creativity that helps me to dissolve and gain strength before the workday, respecting the principle of work-life balance. And I always try to bring to work, and vice versa, a part of that creativity. In 2017, I was lucky enough to get my first project invitation as a scriptwriter. And step by step, this hobby has grown into something bigger. Now I have a lot of cool and familiar to Kazakhstani (and not only) viewers projects under my belt. From commercials for major brands that have won awards to a full-length feature musical Bayan Sulu and Kozy Korpesh, awaiting pitching at Kazakhfilm.

In 2018, our production won an award at the CIS Film Festival for a debut short film in the Best Experimental Film in Kazakhstan category where I directed and wrote under the sensitive supervision of the production team. And last year, for example, you could see my script work in Dimash Kudaibergen's music video — Golden. I was interested in creating a fantasy world of the future where the artist played the role of a noble freedom fighter. Now I am working on my own project — a big and eye-catching video about Almaty and charms of my home town.

The film industry realities in Kazakhstan and market situation make me think positively, and I am making efforts so that this hobby would one day turn into something really meaningful, and not only for me.

And I am pleased to know that Jusan Bank values and encourages the personal aspirations of its employees. I truly believe that I work in a great team, where every employee is a bright personality with an incredible inner world. And if you have any hobbies and achievements, be it sports, creativity or anything else, do not forget to share them with the team!

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