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Here Is How the Semi-finals and Finals of the Jusan Football Tournament Went

Saturday, September 17, saw the accomplishment of the Jusan Football Tournament.

Five teams from the Almaty, Aktobe, South Kazakhstan, Akmola and Semei Branches met in the semi-finals. Having passed the qualifying stages and becoming the best in their respective grids, they arrived in Almaty to compete for the title of the best Jusan team.

Miras Shaikhyslamov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, opened the tournament. He noted that even though such a grand sporting event was being held at our Bank for the first time, Jusan would certainly continue to support the same. ‘I am confident that today our athletes, our teams will once again confirm that through well-coordinated teamwork we achieve not only super business results, but also sports results,’ Miras Bolatovich said.

In addition to teamwork and discipline, he stressed the importance of fair and uncompromising play. He even joked on this occasion: ‘We planned to create a top management football team, but then decided that the 1st place must go to another team.’

After Miras Shaikhyslamov's speech, the team captains went to the draw to determine the order of games. The semi-finals were played according to a group stage scheme, i.e. each team played 4 games.

The Almaty and Semei Branches, as well as the South Kazakhstan and Aktobe Branches met in the first confrontation.

Aktobe Branch — South Kazakhstan Branch

Murat Bakdaulet, a player from the South Kazakhstan Branch, opened the scoring and then many times drove the balls into the gates of opponents. The first half was already ending with the score 2–0 in favour of Shymkent, when Nurbol Alipbayev from the Aktobe Branch scored the first goal of his team. The score was 2-1. However, in the second half the South-Kazakhstan Branch team took the lead again and the whistle blowing at the end of the match marked the victory of the South-Kazakhstan Branch with a final score of 5–2.

Almaty Branch — Semei Branch

After only a few minutes, Maksat Asanbek scored the first goal, putting the Almaty team in front. And then he also doubled their lead. In the last minute of the first half, number 10 of Almaty team scored the 3rd goal.  In the second half, Semei started an active attack, multiply trying to score the ball into Almaty's nets. And although at first their attempts were not entirely successful, they soon managed to level the score. 2–2, and Semei fans embraced hope. Goal, bar, free kick — the game was very tense and in the end the score was 5–3 in favour of Almaty.


The teams of Almaty and Akmola reached the final. It started at 14:27. It was probably the most exciting game of the day. Despite the fatigue after several series of games, players kept in suspense all the spectators and fans to the final whistle. And even then they managed to keep the intrigue alive, because in the last minute the Almaty Branch could score a goal, making the score even: 2–2.

The penalty shootout began. So, both Almaty and Kokshetau scored a goal each. The second attempt. Kokshetau shoot first and scores another goal. The player from Almaty comes to the line, the outcome of the game depends on him. The spectators hold their breath, another tense minute goes by and the Kokshetau goalkeeper gets his shot away!

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