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Product details

Card type

Mastercard Debit Platinum


5 years

Card currency

By default in 3 currencies: KZT, USD, EUR.

Possiblity to add the RUB currency in the Jusan mobile application.


The amount of the bonus depends on the level - Silver, Gold or Premium:

  • Silver is available by default to all customers - up to 15% bonuses for one category of purchases of your choice and 0.5% for other purchases
  • Gold for the amount of purchases from 70 thousand tenge per month - up to 15% bonuses for two categories of purchases to choose from and 1% for other purchases
  • Premium, if purchases are made in the amount from 120 thousand tenge per month and there is a deposit (or several deposits) in the total amount not less than 500 000 (five hundred thousand) tenge or its equivalent in foreign currency (the Bank rate is taken into account for calculation)*– up to 15% bonuses for four categories of purchases to choose from and 2% for other purchases
    * having a daily balance(s) at the end of the Bank's business day in bank deposit(s) (term and savings only) opened with the Bank.

Categories are activated for free. You can manage categories and check and spend bonuses in the Jusan mobile application.

Detailed information on the conditions of bonus accrual can be found here

More information about changes in the Bonus Program (from 01.01.2023)

Card issue fee

0 tenge

SMS notification fee in the first year

0 tenge

In the 1st year of service

0 tenge

In the 2nd and subsequent years of service

0 tenge (for a card without the plastic)/200 tenge per month

Crediting money to the card

0 tenge

Cash withdrawal

At Jusan Bank ATMs:

  • salaries, deposit/credit (borrowed) funds - 0 tenge
  • except for salaries, deposit/credit (borrowed) funds - up to 300,000 tenge per month - 0 tenge, over - 1% (equivalent in another currency)

At ATMs of other banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  • 0 tenge - up to 200,000 tenge/month, over 1%
Money transfers to another payment card/account opened with the Bank

0 tenge

PayWave / Contactless


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