Jusan Bank


National scale rating


Credit rating Positive/NP

Rating according to the Moody's international rating agency. Outlook: Positive/NP.

History of the Bank

Jusan Bank today is one of Kazakhstan's most sustainable financial institutions, whose DNA is based on the corporate standards of leading international banks ABN AMRO and RBS.

The Bank's noble mission of developing human capital in Kazakhstan through its contribution to quality education is realized through the system of NIS schools and Nazarbayev University. The Bank is part of the New Generation Foundation endowment fund.

Today the Bank has 120 branches in 42 cities, 2.5 million clients and 8 thousand employees, whose qualification level allows us to create products and services to meet the growing demands of our clients, providing them with confidence and comfort. In a short period of time, the Bank has made an evolutionary leap from traditional banking to a digital ecosystem that comprehensively addresses the needs of financial and non-financial services.

Briefly, the story of Jusan's evolution is reflected in our client's interaction with the service. Today in a single application he can access: online banking, personal savings and investment management, business management and operational control, online lending and online store with access to installment payments for goods and services, tax reporting, training and financial analytics, travel and insurance, mobile communication and the ability to teach children financial literacy.  


Success of the team of professionals

Growth of key business indicators, significantly exceeding the prudential norms set by the Regulator. A large margin of stability is provided by the equity capital adequacy ratio (k1), with a 4-fold excess of the established liquidity requirement of the financial regulator. The current liquidity ratio (k4) exceeds the established norm by 7 times and makes 224%. The bank's liquid assets reached more than 60% of its total assets by the end of the year. 

Moody's Investors Service upgraded its outlook from "stable" to "positive" on deposits in national and foreign currencies to B1. 

Development and implementation of a long-term ESG strategy for transparency and ethical business conduct. 

Issuance of the first public report on sustainable development according to GRI standard and international verification of the Bank's carbon footprint calculation, with the aim of reducing it in the near term.


Transformation - rebranding and an ambitious marketing strategy

Progressive marketing strategy. 

Growth of the Bank's assets - 55%. Loan portfolio growth - 200%. 

Products and digital ecosystem evaluated internationally and locally, noted by UK and Asian financial publications.


Jusan Digital Ecosystem

Launch of the Jusan mobile app, Jusan Mobile and the Jusan Store marketplace (formerly J'mart). 

Launch of a five-year strategy to develop the Digital Bank with its own ecosystem. Launch of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

December 30, 2020 - First Heartland Jýsan Bank JSC acquired a 99.76% stake in ATFBank JSC, which was part of the Austrian Bank Austria-Creditanstalt AG and the Italian UniCredit.


A return to roots

Rebranding - First Heartland Jýsan Bank with the retail brand Jýsan Bank ("Jusan Bank" in Kazakh transcription). 

Development of the IT-platform, launch of new card products.

First Heartland Securities acquired 99.5% of common shares of Tsesna Bank.


Searching for a unique identity

First Heartland, being the heir to the international management standards of ABN and RBS, becomes the successor in rights and obligations of "Bank ExpoCredit", renamed in January 2018. 

A mechanism for the recovery of Kazakhstan's agricultural sector is adopted and an agreement is signed on the repurchase by the Problem Loan Fund of Kazakhstan of part of the Bank's 450 billion tenge loan portfolio.


Quality of service

Opening in Almaty of the largest VIP banking center in Kazakhstan, with an automated round-the-clock depository.


International experience

The bank acted as a manager and a participating bank in a syndicated loan to Minsk's Belarusbank. 

British RBS after the change of ownership rebranded and the bank received a new name - JSC "Bank ExpoCredit".

The world famous professional boxer Gennady Golovkin is the official brand-ambassador of the Bank.  


Entering the market of export-import operations

General financing agreement with Roseximbank, for implementation of transactions involving Kazakh importing companies and Russian exporters. 

Issuance of international payment cards MasterCard


A year of considerable success

The size of the Bank's assets exceeded KZT 1 trillion for the first time


Scaling up business

Acquisition of a brokerage company and obtaining the status of a principal member of the Visa international payment system


Basis for future digitalization

Implementation of SAP ERP Bank


Beginning of automation of the settlement system

Launch of own processing center


Study of the best foreign experience

The bank changed its beneficiary and name to RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland), due to global sale of its parent bank ABN AMRO to the Royal Bank of Scotland. 

Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation with the State Insurance Corporation for Export Credit and Investment Insurance of the Republic of Kazakhstan 

Patron of the Year 2008" award from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for charitable contribution


International money transfer system

Partnership agreement with the Unistream international money transfer system 

Debut issuance of Eurobonds for $125 mln and a syndicated loan for $54 mln

Bank arranger and bookrunner of the deal Commerzbank AG and Standard Bank Plc


Strengthening of the bank's image in expert circles

Fitch Ratings International Agency for Credit Rating

Registration of first bond program for 15 billion tenge 

Agreement on raising debut syndicated loan of $22 mln from Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG and Bankgesellschaft Berlin AG 

Syndicated loan of $50 mln from Landesbank Berlin AG, Raiffeisen Zentralbank Oesterreich AG


First prestigious rating

Standard & Poor's International Credit Rating

Start of Visa payment cards issuance


Partnership with Visa

The Bank was accepted as an associate member of Visa international payment system


Market recognition

The Bank's shares were admitted to the official list of KASE category "A" securities 

The Bank is recognized as the best bank in implementing the World Bank's credit line by the results of monitoring conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Assessment by the regulator

Conclusion of the National Bank of the RK on compliance with international accounting standards in terms of automation of banking information technologies


Guarantee of protection of individual deposits

The Bank became a member of the Kazakhstan Deposit Guarantee Fund (KDGF)


Participation in systemic projects of national importance

Credit lines from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for the agricultural sector and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for small and medium businesses. Loan agreement with the World Bank for a post-privatization support project for agriculture. 

Institutional development program with the Dutch bank Rabobank


Contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan

Agreement with the Central Asian-American Fund for Entrepreneurship Support (Asian Credit Company) to finance small and medium businesses


Year of foundation of ATF Bank which would later become a part of Jusan Bank


The beginning of a long history

ABN AMRO Bank of Kazakhstan entered the Kazakhstan financial market in 1993 and was the only representative of a major international banking group, which later became the founding member of Jusan Bank history


Year of foundation of TsesnaBank which would later become a part of Jusan Bank